6 mar 11:30 Lunch and Lab - Scanning
19 mar 10:30 Cirkulär ekonomi - så skapas hållbara affärer
3 apr 11:30 Lunch and Lab - IoT
10 apr 11:00 Cirkulär Ekonomi
25 apr 09:00 Tech Day
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Lunch and Lab - IoT

Onsdag 3 april 11:30-13:00
onsdag 6 mars 13:00
Lunch and Lab is an event serie hosted by Växjö Linnaeus Science Park in the
Innovation Lab. Join a lunch while diving into the exciting world of innovation. Each
lunch has a new topic to discover and open to all, regardless of your expertise level.

During this lunch, we will dive deep into the current developments and advancements in IoT.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning to explore the world of
new IoT, you'll find valuable insights and engaging discussions awaiting you.
This event is held through the project DigIT Hub and will be held in English.

The training/event is free of charge, but you need to sign a certificate of negligible support. Read more in the attached pdf.

More information coming soon.

Plats: Innovation Lab, Växjö Linnaeus Science Park, Växjö
Datum: onsdag 3 april 11:30-13:00
Pris: kostnadsfri bokning!