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Workshop with Suzette Boon - Treatment of traumatic memories, realization and integration

Fredag-lördag, 20-21 mars
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Treatment of traumatic memories, realization and integration.

Suzette Boon, Ph.D.

After a phase focusing on stabilization an symptoms reduction, in phase II the focus turns to working with memories of traumatic experiences. Effective work in this phase involves remembering, tolerating, processing, and integrating overwhelming past events.

In this workshop, several techniques to integrate traumatic memories will be discussed. First, we will discuss a checklist to evaluate if a patient is ready for phase II work. And if a patient is ready, where do you start? How do you plan and schedule the sessions? What is needed to maintain safety during this phase? How can patients contain their feelings if the work becomes too intense? How do we know that a memory is sufficiently integrated?
Special focus will be on the “guided synthesis technique” (Boon & van der Hart, 1995; Van der Hart, Nijenhuis& Steele, 2006; Steele, Boon & Van der Hart, 2018 ).

During all workshops I will include short video clips, demonstration of the techniques, and participants are also asked to bring cases so that they can participate in role plays and exercises.

Please notice that only those who have attended the first workshop in March 2020 can attend the second one in October 2020.

Time: March 20-21 at 08.30-18.00 both days.

Place: The event venue is not yet decided, but it will take place within Stockholm city center. We will inform you about the address later on.

Price: 6 250 SEK (+ service fee).