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Presentation of Innovation Master´s projects

Måndag 15 mars 2021 13:00-17:00
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English spoken online event

Yearly the Innovation Master at Linnaeus University holds open presentations for current projects in collaboration with companies and organizations in the region. This year the following themes are in development:

- The dilemma of recycling construction glass
- The reusing of waste from the building industry –is there any business in it?
- Led technology environmental impact demands new materials for lighting
- Why are companies and organizations not implementing Agenda 2030?
- Helping the citizens of the greenest city in Europe to decide the greenest transportation mean

Join this event to see some examples on how the Innovation Master collaborates with companies and organisations through innovation projects and get inspired on how they could help your organisation!

PARTICIPANTS Innovation master students
TARGET GROUP companies and organisations interested in collaboration with Linnaeus University about innovation. You can, but don´t have to be renter in Videum Science Park to join.
DATE Monday 15 of March
TIME 13.00-17.00
PLACE online event
ORGANIZERS Linnéuniversitetet and Videum Science Park

Genomförs med medel från Region Kronoberg och Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden.