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The Men's Room

Onsdag, 11 december 2019 18:00-20:00
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Eventet har redan ägt rum...
Every Tuesday twenty-five tattooed middle-aged men take a break from their everyday lives, leave their wives and kids behind to meet and drink beer, tell bad jokes and sing dirty rock songs.

They even promised each other to sing at their funerals – a joke of course, it never occurred to them that it’s ever going to happen. One day, when one of them confides he’s got little time left, they realize that none of them are immortal when in the same time, they land their biggest gig ever – opening a Black Sabbath concert.

Regissör: Petter Sommer och Jo Vermund
Produktionsland: Norge
Produktions år: 2018
Längd: 75min
Undertext: Engelska

Plats: Kapellet, Stockholm
Datum: onsdag, 11 december 2019 18:00-20:00

Ordinarie: 90 kr
Student: 70 kr

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