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Valentines Rave ❤

Lördag, 16 Februari 22:00
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Eventet har redan ägt rum...
Yggdrasil + Club Minimal = Valentines Rave ❤

9 Amazing DJ's who will play everything from techno, disco to kraut. Divided on two dance floors, with main floor being the techno-floor.

DJ Schedule: (Times will be posted on the 16th)
Lenok & Franck With You [Club Minimal]
The Lovers Association [Yggdrasil]
Axel Sjögren [Club Minimal]
DeYoung [Yggdrasil]
Pastor Gregorius [Yggdrasil]
Mereum [Yggdrasil]
Pronoia [Yggdrasil]

Massive soundsystem on both floors from Danley Sound Labs, provided by our lovely sponsors Point Source Scandinavia

Light and lasershow by Madeileine Minfalk (Who was setup shows for Monday bar and SEF before!)

A well stocked bar to quench your thirst, fill your stomachs and make you laugh.

Plats: Stockholm
Datum: Lördag, 16 Februari 22:00
Pris: 125 kr + service

På plats:
22-00: 150kr
00-late: 200kr

Cash is King!