6 Feb 19:30 Elinor Svensson, Martin Lagos mfl.
20 Feb 19:30 Simon Garshasebi, Emma Hansson-Löfgren m.fl
13 Mar 19:30 Frågornas Herre med Kristoffer Appelquist
20 Mar 19:30 Robin Paulsson, Isak Jansson m.fl.
3 Apr 19:30 Al Pitcher m.fl.
17 Apr 19:30 Anton Magnusson, Elin Almén m.fl.
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Judah Friedlander

Lördag, 15 September 19:30
Förköpet har nu stängt
Friedlander has performed stand-up comedy regularly throughout his entertainment career. He continued to perform stand-up several nights a week in New York City while working on the sitcom 30 Rock.

Friedlander's comedic performances often feature him making outrageous and bombastic claims about himself with a deadpan delivery. Many of these claims are reflected in slogans displayed on the many trucker hats he wears - the most common being "World Champion", a slogan he has worn in various languages.

Plats: Palladium, Växjö
Datum: Lördag, 15 September 19:30
Pris: 240 kr + serviceavg