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Kodkollektivet goes COREHACK

Friday-Sunday, May 5-7
Förköpet har nu stängt
Join us to ur bus trip to Corehack Jönköping!

COREHACK is the largest LAN-party at Jönköping University organized by Justice! This is an excellent opportunity to take a break from studying and bring your gaming tools to campus Arena. Here you have the chance to enter tournaments either as a team or by yourself to compete for great prizes or meet people to play games together.

COREHACK Jönköping

Campus Arena
Barnarpsgatan 39C, 553 33 Jönköping
5 - 7 May

Packing List:
-Your computer / Laptop incl. screen cables etc.
-An ethernet cable >5 meter
-Sleeping things (air/camping mattress , sleeping bag)

You will be able to sleep in a place provided by Justice. We do not take any responsibility for your personal belongings.

Bus från Campus Pressbyrån
16:00 friday 5 may

Price 200 kr

(Including the bus, the entry and the servicefee)