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Conspiracy theories - From witch hunt to fakenews

Söndag, 16 Juni 12:00-12:45
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Folklore has always been concerned with the study of stories. Today, we will explore two interrelated problems: first, how the structure of stories–be they 19th century stories of ghosts or witches, or 21st century stories of satanists and terrorists–can give us a clear understanding of the ideology behind storytelling, and second, how these stories can be connected to create complex conspiracy theories. With this as a starting-point, we will discuss how conspiracy theories develop and how they can influence real world decision making.

The lecture will be held in English. Föreläsningen är på engelska

Datum: Söndag, 16 Juni 12:00-12:45
Plats: Ljunggården, Ljungby

Pris: Giltigt pass eller 100 kr